Holy Rood Catholic Primary School


History teaching in our school focuses on enabling children to think as historians. Throughout each topic we place an emphasis on examining historical artefacts (both genuine and replica) and a range of primary and secondary sources.  In each key stage we give children the opportunity to visit sites of historical significance and encourage visitors to come into the school and talk about their experiences of events in the past. To further support their understanding of history, school trips provide opportunities for children to see and experience history in real-life for example going to Windsor Castle and the Natural History Museum.

This exciting approach to history begins in the EYFS where each child’s life is the focus before progressing in KS1 to important changes within a child’s living history and their own timeline of events. Throughout every phase of learning, children are encouraged to ask searching questions such as ‘how do we know?’ about information and source material they are given which helps to direct the course of learning throughout a topic. In KS2, historical investigations also understanding of how civilisation has evolved over time through the study of the earliest British native peoples, civilisations of the ancient world and civilisations that sought to invade, conquer and settle in the British Isles.