Holy Rood Catholic Primary School


Isle of Wight 2017a (21 images)

Isle of Wight 2016 (16 images)

Isle of Wight 2015 a (46 images)

Art Week Exhibition (9 images)

Year 5 Carol Singing (2 images)

Year 5 performing at the InTu shopping centre in Watford

Year 1 Crib Blessing (10 images)

A Midwife Crisis (11 images)

Pictures from our Christmas Nativity Play 2013, performed by the children in Year 1 and Year 2

Watford FC visit (6 images)

Book Week 2013 (10 images)

Visit by Bishop John Sherrington (4 images)

Little Canada Day Four (41 images)

Year 6's penultimate day at Little Canada 2013!

Isle of Wight Day 3 (12 images)

Day three part two!

Little Canada Day Three (24 images)

Photos from Year 6's third day at Little Canada

Isle of Wight Day Two (28 images)

Pictures from Year 6's visit to Little Canada

Isle of Wight day one (13 images)

Year 6's first day at Little Canada 2013

New School Chapel (4 images)

Photographs of our new school chapel being developed

More photos from the school (7 images)

More photos from the school

General School Photos (10 images)