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GSO Test

GSO Test



Mrs E Braund: Head Teacher

Mrs K Mac LabhraÍ: Deputy Head - (Maternity Leave)

Mrs A Willis -  Assistant Head Teacher - (Acting Deputy - Maternity Cover)

Mrs S Ram - Senco & SLT

Miss A McNeill - Year 6A Class Teacher - ECT Mentor & SLT

Mrs K Hehir - Year 6N Class Teacher

Mr C Correa - Year 5A Class Teacher

Miss A George - Year 5N Class Teacher

Mr J Molloy - Year 4A Class Teacher

Miss I Carlon - Year 4N Class Teacher

Mrs C Cusack - Year 3A Class Teacher & Phase Leader & SLT

Miss K Gallagher - Year 3N Class Teacher

Mr K Kennedy - Year 2A Class Teacher

Miss G O'Mahoney - Year 2N Class Teacher

Mr M Clare - Year 1A Class Teacher

Miss C Gillam - Year 1A Class Teacher (Maternity Leave)

Mrs R D'Souza - Year 1N Class Teacher 

Mrs F Melton - Year 1N Class Teacher

Miss M McGrath - Reception Alban Class Teacher & EYFS Phase Leader & SLT

Mrs N Kingsley - Reception Newman Class Teacher 

Miss G Reed - Nursery Teacher

Mrs M O'Shea:  PPA Teacher

Mrs C McCarthy: Class Teacher - Maternity Leave

Mrs C O'Sullivan: PPA Teacher - Maternity Leave 

Miss D Hassell - Senco (1 Yr Secondment to St Johns)


School Direct Trainee 

Miss D Saxby - Class 3A


Teaching Assistants

Mrs A Smith: Nursery

Mrs M Etches: Nursery

Miss H Festenstein: Reception A & Nursery

Mrs R Garrett: Reception N, MSA

Mrs P Low: Reception A

Mrs G Redjeb: Year 1N

Mrs S Robert: Year 1N (1:1)

Mrs A Singh: Year 1N (1:1)

Mrs C Carroll: Year 1A, MSA

Mrs A Conte: Year 1A (1:1)

Mrs K McGinn: Year 2N, MSA

Mrs E Elliott: Year 2AMSA

Mrs A Luciano: Year 2A, (1:1)

Mrs B Grace: KS1, MSA

Mrs G Luurtsema: Year 3N

Mrs M Chambers: Year 3A

Mr C Hallahan: Year 3, MSA

Mrs D Caroleo: Year 4 & 5, Senior MSA

Mrs K Frost: Year 4, MSA

Mrs G Donoher: Year 5, MSA

Mrs S Smith:  Year 6, MSA

Mr J Sansom: Whole School  TA - Sports & PE Support, MSA



Office Staff

Mrs C Festenstein: School Business Manager 

Mrs K Patros: School Finance Assistant

Miss E Chandler: School Admissions Coordinator and Administration Assistant

Ms L McMahon: Administration Assistant


School Support Staff

Mr E Enriquez: School Site Supervisor

Ms G Keenan: Mid-day supervisor

Mrs N Rodrigues: Mid-day supervisor

Mrs G Dacres: Mid-day supervisor

Ms T McDonagh: Mid-day supervisor

Mrs R Jayawardena: Mid-day supervisor