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At Holy Rood, our mission statement is;

The family of Holy Rood School will try to live, learn, grow and celebrate together, as friends, through the love of Christ.

Through this we strive to ensure every pupil progresses throughout their time at Holy Rood. It is recognised that sometimes pupils will need additional support in order to achieve this. The Senior Leadership Team includes a Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator dedicated to working with class teachers, parents/carers and outside agencies to ensure each pupil receives the support they need to live, learn, grow and celebrate throughout their time at Holy Rood. 

Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO)
Miss D Hassell
Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)
Mrs E Braund
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads (DDSL)

Mrs K Mac Labhraí.

Miss D Hassell

Mental Health Lead
Mrs C Cusack
Pupil Premium Funding
Mrs E Braund
Governors Special Educational Needs, Inclusion and Safeguarding Committee (SENIS)

Mrs J Shanahan – Chair of Governors

Mr S Wheatley – Executive Head

Mrs L Lynch – Vice Chair of Governors

Mrs E Braund – Head of School

Mr B O'Loghlen – Clerk to the Governing Body

If you need to contact any of the above members of staff please call the school office 01923 223 785 or send an email to admin@holyrood.herts.sch.uk to book an appointment.

Definition of Special Education Needs:

The Children and Families Act 2014 states that:

A child or young person has SEN if they have a learning difficulty of disability which calls for special educational provision to be made for them. A child of compulsory school age or a young person has a learning difficulty or disability if they:

  • Have a significantly greater difficulty in learning than the majority of others the same age; or
  • Have a disability which prevents or hinders them from making use of educational facilities of a kind generally provided for others of the same age in mainstream schools or mainstream post-16 institutions. 

SEND Information Report

For our SEND Information Report, please click here.

SEND Policy

 For our SEND Policy, please click here. 

Further Support

For further support within the Local Authority please use the following links