Holy Rood Catholic Primary School


In EYFS and KS1 phonics lessons are taught daily to ensure swift progression through the ‘Letters and Sounds’ scheme of work. Children in Nursery and Reception continuously work on their phase 1 skills of listening before being introduced to phonemes and early graphemes in phase 2. As the children continue to progress they will learn to segment and blend CVC words for reading before applying their phonological knowledge to spelling new words. Throughout phase 3 and 4, children will be taught how to read and spell high frequency and tricky words which will then be used in simple sentence work. As the children enter phase 5 and 6 in KS1, they will encounter phonemes with more than one grapheme in their reading and will need to select the appropriate grapheme based on their knowledge of spelling rules and patterns.

As the children enter KS2, phonics for most children will be incorporated into their weekly SPaG lesson as well as being taught through spelling tests. For some children small group phonics will continue with the teacher and teaching assistant until they are securely working within phase 6.