Holy Rood Catholic Primary School

Physical Education

Our children engage with a wide variety of physical disciplines and sport throughout the academic year. In the EYFS, physical development is a prime area and therefore it is essential that we provide regular physical activity which will encourage fine and gross motor development. In KS1 and 2, children receive two hours of taught P.E. a week and a very high percentage engage with extra-curricular sporting opportunities at lunchtimes and after school. Our children learn dance, gymnastics, football, netball, hockey, badminton, swimming, athletics and so much more! We have a full-time sports apprentice who supports all P.E. lessons as well as sports and games during recreation times and after school. We work alongside external agencies to provide the highest quality of P.E. instruction for our children as well as training for our staff to ensure children make excellent progress in every area. We also enter into competitions with other schools and local leagues to help our children develop a sense of sportsmanship and healthy competitiveness.