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GSO Test

GSO Test

Welcome to Year 1!

Key Information for Year One 

To see our Year 1 Information Pack, please click here

To see our Year 1 Curriculum Map, please click here.

 Year 1 at Holy Rood 

"I love school as the teachers are kind. They look after us and we pray to God which is nice." – Anwen

"I like working because we know more. I like it when people move up on our chart to Gold, it makes me happy." – Gavin

"I like playing with my friends everyday. I like working because I like to learn. I liked learning the Autumn poems because I liked the rhyming words." – Quinn

"I like sharing my family tree." – Tianna

"I like eating lunch, Roast dinner is my favourite." – Cary

“We do phonics and I know how to learn.” – Emily

“When it’s choosing - we get to do lots of fun things.” – Ava

“I like PE day because of the warm up games.” – Keela 

 “I like working because we can see our work in our books and take them home at the end of Year One.” – Seth

 “It’s fun!” – Jack S

“The small world is full of nature stuff for Autumn.” – Dara

“We have classroom jobs to do like reading garden monitor and prayer table monitor” – Alice


Extra Information for Year One Parents 

Supporting your child's learning at home 

For useful website links for Year 1, please click here

For Reading support, please click here

For more detailed information about supporting your child's inference in Reading, please click here

For Maths supports, please click here

Developing letter formation/ handwriting at home

For support in developing your child’s letter formation/ handwriting at home, please click here.