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Welcome to Year 5!


Key Information for Year Five

To see our Year 5 Information Pack, please click here.

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Year 5 at Holy Rood

“Every day in Year 5 at Holy Rood is like an adventure!” – Hayden

"In Year 5, we are lucky because we do a wide variety of sports with competitions against each other. We also get to take part in sports competitions against other school too!"

“Being in Year 5 at Holy Rood School is like being part of a huge family!” – Lilly

“My Favourite thing about being part of Year 5 at Holy Rood is all the learning we get to do. The lessons are fun and exciting and I find them really interesting.” – Autumn

“Our History lessons are always very interesting and engaging. I really like learning about lots of different eras and facts about different historical figures”.

“As part of our Computing lessons, we have been able to design and create our very own computing games. It was so much fun and really interesting to learn how to do this.”

“When you enter Year 5, you get to have special programmes to help improve your learning like Reading Plus. I really like improving my Reading in this way as it’s still fun.”

“Whenever you are stuck, we have lovely teachers and teaching assistants who will offer you lots of help and support as well as encouragement” - Aylin



Extra Information for Year Five Parents 

Supporting your child's learning at home

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Homework Expectations Spring/Summer term 2021

Please click here to find an overview of homework expectations and guidelines which hopefully you will find helpful.